National Parks & Wildlife Sanctuaries

Below are links to information on some of Belize's most popular National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries. We will be adding more National Parks & Monuments as time permits.

National Parks
Blue Hole National Park - The principal attractions are the inland Blue Hole and St. Herman's Cave.
Guanacaste National Park - Belize Audubon Society members suggested this beautiful area be set aside.

Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary - The variety of habitats in the Crooked Tree area provides food and homes for a diversity of fauna.
Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary - In addition to the Jaguar, the Cockscomb Basin's diverse ecosystem protects a sizable percentage of Belize's plant and animal species, including the endangered Ocelot, Margay, Baird's tapir and Scarlet Macaw.
Community Baboon Sanctuary - The baboon sanctuary is located within the lowland, broadleaved forests of north-central Belize.

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