TACA, is a commercial aviation leader in Latin America, with a route structure covering 35 international destinations in 20 countries (among them, 8 destinations in the United States) and more than 60 within the Central American region served by its regional airlines.

The Destination: The New World

Its operations run through three hubs located in San Salvador, El Salvador; San Jose, Costa Rica; and Lima, Peru. Its services have contributed to propel the commercial and tourist activity in the countries it serves and to promote an industry that provides a constant means for development.

Nearly 4 million passengers travel in TACA’s fleet, transporting approximately 5 million suitcases on board all the airlines conforming Grupo TACA.

TACA: Serving with warmth, pride, and passion

TACA is engaged in keeping fair fares along its wide route structure; which are based on the needs and market demand and faces in equitable manner the high fuel costs trend. In an effort of transparency with its clients, the airline has decided to announce its fares including all additional charges so that the client is better informed.

The program, "Live, Fly, Central America is Yours", was recently implemented in search of increasing the Central American aerial traffic, with a significant fare reduction to travel between Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

The Fleet

Currently TACA’s fleet is composed by 36 Airbus aircraft - nine A319, twenty-four A320 and three A321; new generation aircraft, recognized around the world for its technological innovations, efficiency and comfort; with high performance equipment, and a business class, Clase Ejecutiva. At the moment the average age of the Youngest Fleet in America is 3.8 years, providing a superior product, not only in technological quality but on service and safety standards.


On December 2004, TACA subscribed a contract with Airbus, for the acquisition of 26 aircraft to be delivered from 2005 through 2009 and gradually update and increase the fleet in order to operate 45 aircraft by 2009. The contract included five A-319; sixteen A-320 and five A-321.

Through the wide compartments of its fleet, TACA offers cargo and courier services, from and towards all the destinations in the 20 countries it serves.

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