Over two years ago, the non-profit Corcovado Foundation joined the conservation effort on the Osa Peninsula, becoming very actively involved in direct assistance to the protection of the rain forest in the Corcovado National Park and in the promotion of conservation activities throughout the Peninsula.

Mission Statement

To support and improve the existing conservation efforts on behalf of the rainforests and wildlife of the Osa Peninsula by supporting the area's existing national parks,supporting the formation of private reserves, and helping provide economic options for local owners of forested lands. We also seek to educate local people about the importance of protecting their natural surroundings. We believe that only through education can the rainforest be preserved in a sustainable manner.

The Osa Peninsula in southwestern Costa Rica and its immediate surroundings is indeed unique and priceless. The peninsula contains the finest example of lowland tropical rainforest in Central America, and it is estimated that at least 50% of Costa Rica's species are found in the area. In particular, the Osa Peninsula and Corcovado National Park demonstrate a high level of species endemism and contain many representatives of South American species found nowhere else in Central America. It has been suggested that due to its climate, location, topography and great variety of ecosystems, the Osa Peninsula is particularly conducive to the development of new species. The area also includes important marine resources, notably the Golfo Dulce, one of only four fjords in the tropics worldwide. Recently, observers have discovered that the Golfo Dulce is a calving area for both northern and southern Pacific populations of Humpback Whales, a circumstance unknown anywhere else. The Sierpe-Terraba Wetland, to the north of the Peninsula, is among the largest mangrove forests on the Pacific coast of Central America, and has been designated as a Ramsar site for the protection of aquatic birds.

The Corcovado Foundation dedicates the donations of generous environmentally concerned people to the following objectives:

  • To hire park rangers for the enforcement of laws which prohibit the illegal downing of trees.
  • To create education programs for local landowners, in order to promote alternative economic activities, such as ecotourism.
  • To help buy or create conservation easements for lands of high environmental importance for protection.
  • To provide economic incentives to local landowners for preserving the forests.
  • To support and participate with the Osa Biological Corridor Initiative.

Get Involved, make a difference

By becoming a member of non profit Corcovado Foundation, you are helping to protect one of the world's most biologically intense areas. You'll help save the finest example of lowland tropical rainforest in Central America, where an estimated 50% of Costa Rica's species are found. Joining as a member to the Corcovado Foundation is supporting one of Costa Rica'slast natural frontiers. The Corcovado Foundation is financed entirely by membership dues, donations, foundation grants, and corporate gifts. We will put your money to work to preserve the best remaining examples tropical rain forest. Our unspoiled nature is our legacy, and the preservation of that biodiversity is our gift to generations to come.


Our sister association, the Metropolitan Sociometrics Research Institute is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization under the United States Internal Revenue Code, and your gifts of cash and appreciated assets including stocks, bonds, mutual funds and real estate can qualify for tax deductions in the United States.

Checks and money order can be made out to and mailed to the following address:
Metropolitan Sociometrics Researh Institute
"Corcovado Rainforest Project" C/O Fundación Corcovado
Interlink 665, P.O. Box 02-5635
Miami, Fl 33102


Any questions about the Corcovado Foundation may be directed to our Executive Director, Alejandra Monge, at funcorco@racsa.co.cr or from the United States call 011-506 281-0656.

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