Twitlight Safari

Activity: Floating
Duration of the activity (hours): 2 hours, depends on the season
Duration of the activity (days): half day
Geographical position of the activity or program: Peñas Blancas River - 11km / 7 miles

Season: All Year
Number of participants with minimum and maximum: 2 clients without maximum.
Minimum age: 2 years

Trip details:
The Twilight Safari Deluxe is a unique float trip that offers an exceptional up close experience of nature, and of local traditions and food at the end. You will get on your rafts at dusk as the sun is just starting to fall and enjoy the mystic way the light disappears from the sky, leaving you in the peaceful darkness of the jungle. Our bilingual river guides, trained as naturalists from the Instituto Nacional de Biodiversidad, will begin by explaining to you that more than 60% of the mammals in Costa Rica are nocturnal. With our specially designed lighting system you will then embark on a journey to discover this wildlife. Don't be alarmed when those red eyes pop out of the banks to stare at you this is the part of this unique experience that makes floating on a tropical river in the night magical.

The trip begins with a twenty minute drive from Fortuna to the river. Upon arrival, each guest will have the opportunity to fill up their water bottles with bottled water, use the restrooms and enjoy the gardens of this farm on the river. There we will embark on our float down the Peñas Blancas at dusk. We'll float for approximately two hours (just the right length for the youngsters) Our naturalist guides during this time will help point out and talk about the nocturnal wildlife of this area.

On your float you will have a chance to see (or hear): the Common Opossum, Common Gray Four-Opossum, Brown-throated three Toed Sloth, Hoffman's Two-Toed Sloth, Long-Nosed Bat, mantled Howler Monkey, Yellow-crowned Night-Heron, Spectacled Owl and lastly, the American crocodile. You'll see plenty of baby crocodiles, no longer than a foot. Your guide will focus on the animal and plant behavioral transitions from day to night.

At the end of the river portion of this trip guests will arrive at a local working farm where the owner is a well-known Costa Rican horse breeder and trainer. Their daughter (already a competitive rider!) may share a traditional style dance for you while you sit down to enjoy wonderful native food, all fresh from their farm.

His wife makes delicious typical style food like yucca bread, home made cheese, sweet fried plantations, and serves these treats with our famous coffee made the old-fashion way in a special "sock". Fresh juice is also served. The barbecue is revved up to make tortillas filled with fajita meat. Upon request, horse shows are also available. The trip concludes with a twenty minute drive back to Fortuna.

Rapids classification: Class I float with very little currents and rapids
Means of transport by land and nautical: kayaks
Lodging: N/A
Meals included: Costa Rican style snacks
Other services included: Transportation from the Arenal zone

Recommended Gear:

• Water clothes and shoes • Water bottle • Repellent • Flashlight • Photo equipment and any kind of nocturnal vision equipment you may have • Towel.


Twitlight Safari
Rates per person

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