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Christopher Howard's
Retirement Relocation Tours

All tours are led by Christopher Howard, the author of 15 editions of the #1 perennial bestseller "New Golden Door to Retirement and Living in Costa Rica." This guide is a canidate for the highly prestigious 2006-7 Benjamin Franklin Award for Publishing Excellence. Christopher has lived in Costa Rica 25 years, is Costa Rican citizen. Nobody has his proven expertise or time-tested credibility. He has personally helped thousands of people relocate successfully.

Approved and legally licensed by the Costa Rican Ministry of Tourism and
recommended by the Association of Residents of Costa Rica.


TOUR 1 Central Valley

This is the perfect retirement relocation tours for anyone interested in living in Costa Rica’s Central Valley. This area is blessed by year round spring-like temperatures, excellent infrastructure including major shopping centers and malls, and offers every imaginable activity to stay busy. Tour participants will view the many desirable areas where foreigners live and will have the opportunity to view some of their homes. Read More

TOUR 2 Combination: Central / South Pacific Beach Tour and Central Valley Tour

On this retirement relocation tour you will see just what you need to be able to decide on which is the best lifestyle for your needs - beach or Central Valley. After this tour you will definitely know if the beach or Central Valley is for you. Read More

What you will get from this personalized tour:
  • The INVALUABLE KNOWLEDGE Christopher Howard has acquired from 25 years of living here.
  • The BEST locations suited for your lifestyle and needs.
  • You will see a SAMPLING of Costa Rican homes in the PATH OF PROGRESS with high RESALE VALUE and not in REMOTE areas. ALL properties are in neighborhoods with HIGH SPEED INTERNET ACCESS and near the BEST PRIVATE HOSPITALS in case of a serious medical EMERGENCY. You won’t find any of these INDISPENSABLE amenities in the outlying areas.
  • The property tour we include will MATCH your specific LIFESTYLE, NEEDS and BUDGET with NO pressure.
  • A two-day highly INFORMATIVE seminar with experts in the fields of real estate, law, moving, health care, banking and more. Christopher will be with you during and after the seminar to REINFORCE what you have learned and answer all of your questions. Every minute with Chris is like having an ON-GOING seminar.
  • You will meet people who have actually moved here and hear about their EXPERIENCES.
  • Christopher will give a network of his personal contacts to ensure your SUCCESS. NOBODY has these VALUABLE connections.
  • Find out how Costa Rica can boast a longevity rate of almost 78 years with its AFFORDABLE medical system.
  • For the investor, INSIDER information, tips and how to really make money.
  • Detailed appraisal of the areas of greatest GROWTH in the path of progress.
  • Time-proven SHORTCUTS for learning Spanish by Christopher Howard, the author of Christopher Howard's Guide to Costa Rica Spanish
  • Learn about the EXCITING lifestyle you can have by living or retiring in Costa Rica.
  • This tour has NO hidden agendas.
Chris with the President of Costa Rica, Óscar Arias

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