Terms And Conditions
For CentralAmerica.Com Costa Rica, CentralAmerica.Com Panama and CentralAmerica.Com Nicaragua



Bookings including travel dates from Dec 23 to Jan 3 and for Easter week require payment in full within 7 days of confirmation and are non-refundable. Other than these holiday periods, final payment is due 30 days prior to arrival. Bookings confirmed within 30 days of arrival require payment in full within 5 working days.
Mail check or money order to:
Make payable to Centralamerica.Com
3250 Oleander Way
Pompano Beach, FL 33062
Payments must be received by the payment deadline. If the deadline is not met, all reservations will be canceled as we must maintain our relationship with our suppliers.
Payment by credit card:
· CentralAmerica.Com accepts; Visa, Mastercard and American Express.
· In order to pay by credit card it is necessary to sign and fax a credit card authorization form.

Payment by PayPal (on-line payment):
You do not have to have an account with PayPal to pay for your travel with CentralAmerica.Com. If you wish to pay using PayPal just let your travel adviser know by phone (800-948-3770) or email (Sales@CentralAmerica.Com) and PayPal will send you an email linking to your own invoice from CentralAmerica.com.

Vouchers and/or tickets can only be mailed to the address to which your credit card bill is mailed. If you are departing within seven days your vouchers will be sent to you by Federal Express Overnight Service. A charge of $12.00 will be added to your bill for this service.

Changes to confirmed reservations
Once reservations have been confirmed there is a charge of $25/change to alter reservations.
Cancellation Policy
Every cancellation must be received in writing. Rights to refunds if you change or cancel your reservation are limited.
The following fees apply if the cancellation is received:
(Supplier refers to hotels, rent-a-car companies, tour operators, etc.)

Less than 15 days prior to arrival date: NO REFUND
15 to 21 days prior to arrival: 50% plus any supplier penalties.
22 to 30 days or more prior to arrival: 25% plus any supplier penalties.
More than 30 days prior to arrival: $50 plus any supplier penalties.

Christmas, Easter Week and New Year: The entire reservation will be NON REFUNDABLE

If you have any question about a particular suppliers cancellation policy, please contact them or call CentralAmerica.Com for clarification.

Airline tickets:
Once issued ALL Airline tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE/ NON-ENDORSABLE. All tickets MUST BE reconfirmed 72 hours in advance for each travel date. Change of date (s) or times once issued will incur a $100.00 penalty per ticket if applicable plus any difference in price.

Appropriate refund checks will be mailed or credit given on your credit card within two weeks of cancellation.

Once travel commences there will be no refunds made on unused portions, nor is the price or value exchangeable for alternative services.

CentralAmerica.Com prepays hotels and tour operators. If you should not use some portion of your reservation and the hotel or tour operator is willing to give you credit, you must have a signed letter from the manager instructing CentralAmerica.Com to issue a refund.

Rates subject to change without notice
While CentralAmerica.Com makes every effort to keep rates current, sometimes suppliers are slow to notify us of changes. Rates are subject to change until reservation is confirmed.
U.S. citizens need to have a valid passport with at least 6 months left before the expiration date (visa is required for some countries). It is the responsibility of all those traveling to obtain information and proper documentation. CentralAmerica.Com and its agents accept no responsibility for changes in documentation requirements or for any departure or entry denials. Passengers denied boarding for lack of documentation will receive no refund. Full cancellation policies apply to cancellations due to incorrect documentation.
Schedule Changes and Delays
All travel times are based on the best information available at the time of confirmation. Due to the nature of international travel changes to schedules and itineraries may be necessary and may also prevent the inclusion of some activities. NO REFUNDS CAN BE GIVEN FOR SUCH ELIMINATION. We do not accept responsibility for losses or accidental expenses due to changes or delays in airline or hotel overbooking, defaults, weather, strikes, sickness, war, riots, or any other causes not within the power of CentralAmerica.Com. All such losses or expenses are the responsibility of the passenger.
All travel documents and vouchers issued by CentralAmerica.Com and its agents are subject to the terms and conditions of the supplier, to the laws of their countries, and to international conventions between countries. The passenger agrees that CentralAmerica.Com, its agents, affiliates, employees, shall not be liable for any damages or losses incurred. All participants expressly wave any and all rights which one may have against CentralAmerica.Com its agents, officers, or employees caused by the negligence of such persons in connection with foregoing. Under no circumstance is CentralAmerica.Com to be construed as a carrier or common carrier under contract for safe passage of the passenger or for luggage and/or belongings. By enrolling in and tendering payment for any and all services participants agree to accept and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions on this Web Site. No other person other than an officer of CentralAmerica.Com, by document in writing, is authorized to waive or alter any condition with the foregoing


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