Photo Gallery
Photography by David McLain

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Colorful Walls - A home is brightly painted in Antigua, Guatemala.
Lake Atitlan - A scenic view of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.
Fortune Teller - For 5 cents, a small bird picks a piece of paper containing a fortune for a customer at an outdoor market in Antigua, Guatemala.
Firewood - An elderly Maya woman carries a load of wood that will be used to fuel her cooking fire.
Staple Of Life - Corn, the staple of Maya life, hangs from the rafters of a home in the village of Yolwitzkok. In the highlands of Guatemala, the village is a one-day walk from San Mateo Ixtatan and is seldom visited by tourists.
Ancient King - The likeness of an ancient Maya king is immortalized in stone at the ruins of Quirigua in Guatemala.
Cloud Covered - Clouds blanket the Cuchumatanes Mountains near the highland village of San Mateo Ixtatan, Guatemala.

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