Lake Peten Area Activities


Walking on impressive hanging bridges and winding paths full of exuberant vegetation will give you the opportunity to have a direct contact with nature.  During the walk you can learn about the different layers of tropical forest, crossing hanging bridges which in stages will bring you to the paths that finally reach the summit of Miramás, a hill from which you can contemplate the majesty of the jungle and the impressive beauty of Lake Petén Itzá.

In this pleasant environment you can also enjoy a variety of activities or simply have a rest while you fill your lungs with fresh air and delight in the enchanting countryside surrounding this incomparable place.

(3 hours Aproxymately)

Tarzan Canopy Tour

This is daring you will take the decision to fly among the trees through cables and have a bird's eye view of nature, in a way which is fun and safe.

(2 hours Aproxymately)

Spot Lighting

This is a trip which takes you into the mountains in 4 x 4 vehicles with powerful reflectors and miners lamps, for the sole purpose of being able to watch the activity of the jungle's nocturnal habitants.

(3 hours Aproxymately)

Tour Adults Children ( 6 - 12)
Sky Walk $30 $22
Tarzan Canopy Tour $30 $22
Sky Walk + Tarzan Canopy Tour $55 $40
Sky Walk + Spot Lighting $55 $40
Tarzan Canopy Tour + Spot Lighting $55 $40
Sky Walk + Tarzan Canopy Tour + Spot Lighting * $75 $55

All activities are at your own risk.
* From noon to evening

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