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Nicaragua is one of those places that offers everything a traveling surfer could want. There is consistent year round surf, warm water, and a chance to surf a great break all by yourself. Its also just a couple of hours from The United States and just up the road from Costa Rica so you do not have to go half way round the world to find epic surf.
Surfing in Nicaragua is as close as just a couple of hours from the United States and also just up the road from Costa Rica so you do not have to go half way round the world to find epic surf.

Nicaragua does suffer from an image problem. However that image is changing and everyone that has been there agrees that its an image that it does not deserve.
The people are very friendly and outside of Managua their is little crime or public safety issues.
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Tico Travel™ has been involved in Nicaragua since 1999 and has had a chance to review all that is possible to do there. One of owners has made over fifty trips to Nicaragua and even has a home in the colonial town of Granada.
Nicargua Surfing Unlike Costa Rica, in Nicaragua not all the breaks are accessible by vehicle nor are most beaches marked with signs. Therefore unless you are staying at one of the surf lodges you will need water transportation or a vehicle with a guide to get around. Along with advise for which is best for you we also can provide ground transportation from Costa Rica for those looking to surf both countries. The savings on airline board fees alone will probably pay for most of the cost of the ground transfer from Costa Rica.

Keep in mind that most of these surf resorts, camps and ldoges can modify or create any type of Nicaragua Surf tour you want. Take a look at the Nicaragua surf tours and packages along with a our list of great surf breaks i and see why we recommend these places and why we are recommended by all the major guide books for surfing in Nicaragua.

Nicaragua Surf Packages and Tours
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Masayita Surf Adventure - Surf Nicaragua at Hidden Bay Surf Lodge Puerto Sandino Surf Resort  - Enjoy the waves, the culture, and the good vibes
Surf Tours Nicaragua - Surf the North of Nicaragua Los Cardones Surf Lodge - Surf Packages for friends, couples and families.
Nicaragua & Costa Rica Surf Charter - Surf Nicaragua and Costa Rica by Boat The Surf Sanctuary - All Inclusive Surf Packages

Nicaragua Surf Breaks - Take a look at where some best surf is in Nicaragua


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