Canopy Tower

Ecolodge and Nature Observatory

Awaken to a tropical chorus of motmots, toucans, and fruitcrows

Panama has some of the most easily accessed forests anywhere in the tropics. The Canopy Tower is located on top of Semaphore Hill, in a well preserved semideciduous tall forest in the heart of Soberanía National Park. It is at an altitude of 900 feet above sea level, and from its roof you can see the Pacific entrance to the Panama Canal and the skyline of Panama City, just 30 minutes away. It takes only about 30-45 minutes to drive to the Canopy Tower from Panama City; one hour from Tocumen International Airport and about 15 minutes from the local airport at Albrook Field.

The Canopy Tower is located on top of the highest hill in the vicinity, 1000 feet above sea level, there is always a breeze. The temperature often drops into the mid or low 70's (F). Every room has a huge window and a big ceiling fan to enhance natural ventilation.

The Canopy Tower has five levels that offer different views of the forest around it. The top floor, is used as the main dining area, and is completely surrounded by panoramic windows. The floor below houses six two-person bedrooms with large windows and a full bathroom with hot-water showers each. Below the rooms, a mezzanine with more windows adds viewing opportunities of the lower levels of the forest canopy. The Observation Deck is above the canopy, and from it guests have a sweeping view of the Soberanía rainforest, the Panama Canal, with Panama City in the distance. At night, the view is spectacular, and early in the morning the canopy is alive with birds.

The Blue Cotinga Suite is our nicest room, it has a hammock, a desk, and a hanging chair on the veranda. This is the only veranda on the Tower, and offers unparalleled views of the bird life and, at night, the kinkajou feeding in the canopy. But birders find all the Canopy Rooms to be comfortable. All rooms on this floor have private bathrooms.

Up a flight of stairs in the dining room, a cup of coffee and rolls await you. Settle down at a table next to the window. Above the endless tropical forest of Soberanía National Park, a ship glides through the Panamá Canal. The hooting of a distant troupe of monkeys punctuates the birdcalls. You keep your field guide open on the table in front of you beside your rolls and fresh orange juice. In complete comfort, you greet the morning sun. Nothing obstructs your view. Through the unscreened open window, nature carries on its morning business

You'll feel comfortable and at home in the treetops. There is a well-stocked library with books on natural history, tropical ecology, birds, mammals, butterflies, and trees for guests' enjoyment

The Canopy Tower was built in 1965 by the United States Air Force to house a powerful radar used in the defense of the Panama Canal. By 1969, the site was jointly used by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to control air traffic in the area, and by the Panama Canal Commission (PCC) as a communications tower. The FAA permit terminated on its own terms in June of 1979 and its function was deactivated, but the PCC continued to use a small area of the tower until 1995. In September of 1988, the radar tower received an important new assignment when it was reactivated as Site One in the Caribbean Basin Radar Network (CBRN). This network of radars was used by the United States government to detect airplanes suspected of carrying drugs from South America. The tower played this role until June of 1995 when it was closed and left vacant waiting for better days.

Our All Inclusive Package includes your entrance fee to Soberanía National Park and lodging based on double occupancy; "early bird" coffee and orange juice, full breakfast, lunch, hors d'oeuvres before dinner, and dinner, including wine; hotel tax, rainfomobile transportation along Semaphore Hill Road, and 2 guided walks per day through the rain forest with a bilingual guide. If you are a keen birder and require an expert birding guide, please let us know ahead of time; there is an additional charge for this service.

Until Apr 15 / 11
Apr 16 - Sept 15 /11
Sept 16 - Dec 15 /11
Blue Cotinga Suite $245 $169 $204
Harpy Eagle Suite $245 $169 $204
Canopy Rooms $217 $146 $169
Single Rooms $150 $105 $126

Rates subject to change, government tax of 10% is included
Rates are per person, per night, based on single or double occupancy
Single room supplement:
Dry Season there is no single room supplement. One person in a room pays double the per person rate.
Green Season
$50. Migration Season $85
The Single Rooms have only one bed and share a bathroom with the staff.

* There is a $30 per night  per person surcharge if you come during the period Oct 15 - Nov 10 /11 .

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